North Coast should be part of Shark Summit Trials

Greens Spokesperson on Marine Environment and Fisheries and Member for Ballina Tamara Smith has called on the Government to hold some of the trials into non-lethal shark deterrent technologies in Ballina.

A range of non-lethal technologies will be discussed at an International Shark Summit in Sydney on Tuesday this week.

Ms Smith said, “Ballina is on the front line of a new approach to sharks, an approach that recognises conservation of these important creatures has to go hand in hand with protecting ocean users.

“The summit outcomes will be presented to the Ballina Shark Mitigation Working Group but I’m putting out the call that the North Coast should one of the areas where new technology options are trialled.

“The summit information may also provide valuable information to the current parliamentary inquiry I am sitting on into the Management of Sharks in NSW.

“It is important to note that there remains political consensus that culling sharks is not the answer and culling and shark nets are not part of the discussion when it comes to any shark management trials.

“The future of shark management is with non-lethal deterrents and better education for the community, Ms Smith said.”

Ballina Marine Tower could play important role in beach surveillance

Ms Smith said, “While I welcome the Government’s recent investment local aerial surveillance and the opportunity to gain Government funding for beach observation towers, the Ballina Marine Tower rebuild still requires urgent funding.

“It’s time the buck passing on the rebuild of the Ballina Marine Tower ended and we get on with this important project. A new tower could house beach surveillance cameras and the presence of Marine Rescue staff could assist with identifying potential shark risks and in coordinating local response. The tower has to be a priority in beach and ocean user safety."

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