Ballina MP to sit on Parliamentary Shark Inquiry

Greens Spokesperson on Marine Environment and Fisheries and Member for Ballina Tamara Smith will be a member of a Parliamentary Inquiry into the Management of Sharks in NSW Waters.

The Parliament’s multi-party Committee on Investment, Industry and Regional Development, of which Tamara is a member, has initiated the Inquiry.

Ms Smith said, “This will be an important inquiry to assess the current shark management programs in NSW and compare that with experiences in other jurisdictions.  

“I hope to come out of this inquiry with a strong, evidence based list of recommendations to Government about the best way to keep people safe and also ensure we preserve healthy and biodiverse oceans.

“I look forward to receiving submissions from the local public, scientists, community groups, and businesses to ensure we can Shark.jpgput forward the best recommendations to Government. I hope we can also have hearings on the North Coast.

“The current research program and upcoming shark summit will provide even more valuable information for the inquiry to consider,” Ms Smith said.

The committee is multi-party and includes members from the Greens, Nationals, Liberals and Labor in electorates from the Illawarra right through to the North Coast.

The inquiry will be open for public submissions until 23 October 2015.

The Terms of Reference for the Inquiry are below:

That the Committee inquire into and report on the management of sharks and the economic impact of shark attacks on communities in NSW, with particular reference to:

a) The impact of shark attacks on tourism and related industries;

b) Changes in shark numbers, behaviour or habitat;

c) Adequacy of management strategies;

d) Measures to prevent attacks by sharks, including strategies adopted in other jurisdictions; and

e) Any other related matters.


More information about the inquiry can be seen here

For more information: Justin Field 0439 205 835 – or (02) 9230 3653

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