October 19, 2017

My Question to the Premier on Clean Energy Target

19 October 2017

I asked the Premier whether she would stand up for our NSW clean energy targets in the face of the Federal government's latest withdrawal from the science on energy, and she pledged she would !

Also, the House sang happy birthday to me when I got up to ask my question which was a delightful show of humanity, just when I'm doubting it resides there!

Watch the video of the question below and like it.






Ms TAMARA SMITH ( Ballina ): My question is directed to the Premier. If the details of the Federal Government's new National Energy Plan demonstrates that the plan will fail to meet either the Paris climate targets or New South Wales' own climate target, will the New South Wales Government reject the Federal plan and consider joining other States and Territories in a State-based clean energy target scheme instead?

Ms GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN ( WilloughbyPremier): I join the chorus and wish the member for Ballina a very happy birthday. I can give her some good news on her birthday. This side of the House will not sell out on principle. We have seen evidence from those opposite that they will sell their soul to get a headline.

The SPEAKER: Order! I call the member for Maroubra to order for the third time.

Ms GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN: We have set targets for our State for zero emissions by 2050 and to meet the interim Paris agreement targets by 2030, and we intend to stick to those. I am extremely proud that we are the most energy-resilient State in the nation because we have been responsible in the way in which we have acquired our energy sources and we have supported initiatives to reduce emissions. I stand by our policies. As the member for Ballina would know, being a member on the North Coast, before we came to government Labor had given out coal seam gas [CSG] licences like confetti all over northern New South Wales. Those opposite had again sold their souls in relation to green policy. We had to clean up a lot of the mess we inherited.

I am very proud as Premier to restate our position because in New South Wales we have the right balance. To give an extra degree of comfort, in the next four years we will be spending $1.4 billion not just to secure our energy sources and put downward pressure on households through a climate change fund but also to invest in other programs that meet our targets for reduction and emissions. I am very proud to announce all the rebates and incentives for people to use more energy-efficient resources. It often gets lost in the debate that we can be energy resilient and responsible and still make sure we are making a good contribution to other forms of energy. I note that the two largest solar farms in Australia are in New South Wales at Broken Hill and Nyngan I think is the other one.

Mr Thomas George: Nimbin.

Ms GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN: Nyngan, not Nimbin.

Mr Thomas George: You said wind farms.

Ms GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN: No, solar, buddy. I make these statements because governments can be responsible in securing their energy and putting downward pressure on resources but also in respecting our environment. We have the right balance in New South Wales. I am very proud to lead a government that has achieved that balance. We will not sell our souls for a headline or a preference deal. We will not be doing deals with the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party just to get a few votes here and there, and we certainly will not sell out our principles.

If I were a member of Parliament on that side of the House I would question the strategy of the Leader of the Opposition. If the Leader of the Opposition thinks it is okay to give 10‑year‑olds guns, what on Earth does he think about emissions and the environment? I would say not much. He can wax and wane and change policy on the go. The member for Ballina can be rest assured that our Government will stay true to our targets and our sources of energy. We will focus on our priorities to ensure that New South Wales continues to be the most resilient State when it comes to energy and can boast the lowest household prices. We will continue to do that. If I were the member for Blue Mountains or the member for Summer Hill, I would be worried about Labor's future environment policy. What does the comrade from Liverpool think about Labor's policy on gun laws and the environment?

I refer to a survey that was left on seats by the Left faction about policy development and challenges. It lists all the questions the Left faction is asking its members. If the members of the Left faction were being honest, they would have a lot to write about in answer to the questions in this survey. The members opposite should be questioning their leader's direction because he has sold out. It is an absolute disgrace. This Government will not sell out. We will respect the policies we have and we will respect the people of New South Wales.

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