Community "NO" stops sand mine

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I share the joy and relief of the Lennox and wider community at the withdrawal of the DA for the expanded sand mine at Newrybar Swamp Rd.

The win is to the credit of the group No Sand Mines for Lennox for organising the local opposition to the project, and giving residents a forum to express their objections. The group has been fighting the proposed expansion since December 2016.

Kudos too to No Sand Mine's supporters, such as Surfers Against the Sand Mine and members of the Lennox Head and Ross Lane communities who rallied behind the campaign.

I'm proud of my local community and their determination to defend the environment and their quality of life. And I'm proud to know I stood beside them at protest actions and meetings against the development.

Special thanks go to Amelia Hicks for all the hard work she put into the fight. 

We need to remain vigilant, however, as the proponents have said they are looking at coming up with a fresh proposal.

No Sand Mines are holding a Thank You celebration Tuesday 24 July at 6pm at Club Lennox.


Tamara Smith, MP for Ballina


Reason to be cheerful: persistent protest paid off, with people power winning the day over destructive development.

Join 14,744 other supporters in taking action

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