Give a Gonski

11 March 2017

Ballina MP and Greens School Education spokesperson Tamara Smith visited the big green Gonski Bus at The Rivers Secondary College – Lismore High School to show support for the AEU NSW Teachers Federation campaign to get the Federal government to commit to Gonski funding.

“Gonski funding is needs-based funding for schools so that all students, regardless of their ability, can be supported to receive a quality education,” said Ms Smith.





“Malcolm Turnbull has put the full six years of planned funding for schools at risk by threatening to stop funding schools on this model after 2017. Schools in the Northern Rivers and around Australia would then not get the resources they need to support students, especially the students who need the most help.”

“I am supporting the AEU NSW Teachers Federation in their call for the State and Federal governments to commit to Gonski funding and finalise an agreement with the states at the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting in April.”

“Gonski is working in our schools – let it continue to fund the educational needs of all our students. The Greens propose cutting funding to private schools in order to meet any shortfall in Federal funding for Gonski in NSW schools. Every dollar needed  can be met by reallocating less than half of the $1.12 billion directed to private schools in NSW’s education budget,” said Ms Smith. 

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