Mullumbimby community win on hospital site future

Media Release
May 10 2017



Greens Member for Ballina Tamara Smith paid tribute today to the community members who have fought for several years to retain the Mullumbimby and District War Memorial Hospital in community control.

“Congratulations to the Mullumbimby Hospital Action Group and the community for forcing the government to recognise that it is community land,” said Tamara Smith.

The NSW government has offered to sell the hospital site to Byron Shire Council for the nominal amount of $1.

“Politicians always like to claim that they deliver things but we know that it is the community standing up for what’s right that has gotten this great progress towards retaining the site as community land.

“The challenge we have now is to make sure that the State government is the one that pays for the decontamination of the site and not the ratepayers of Byron Shire.

“I expect that Byron Shire Council will undertake extensive and nuanced community consultation in order to truly assess the community’s will on the future use of this land,” said Ms Smith.

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