Save West Byron

Hopefully you have had time to re-vamp your submission to Byron Shire Council opposing West Byron 2.0. 

Thankfully we have a 1 month extension of time to get our submissions in by 7th May 2020.

Everything you need to know to prepare your submission is below.

Even though we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic we are paying attention and this mega development for West Byron has no social or environmental license. 



MEDIA RELEASE: $300,000 for Ballina Electorate announced today through the Community Building Partnership Program

$300,000 for Ballina Electorate announced today through the Community Building Partnership Program

Member for Ballina Tamara Smith today announced the electorate of Ballina has secured $300,000 in funding for a total of 16 projects through the NSW Government’s 2019 Community Building Partnership Program.

$4.5 million boost to Byron Shire's renewable energy capabilities

TWO significant renewable energy projects have attracted almost $4.5 million in state funding between them.

Under the State Government's Regional Community Energy Fund, $3.5 million has been allocated to the Byron Bay Solar Farm and Battery Storage Project, spearheaded by Coolamon Energy.

A further $998,000 has been awarded to Enova Community Energy to part fund a new initiative.

Bushfire Condolences

I join my colleague the member for Balmain, Jamie Parker, who spoke on behalf of The Greens, in wholly supporting the motion and extend my deepest sympathies to the victims of the bushfires that swept through our State and our nation.

Social infrastructure will determine our fate

I DON’T think any of us feels like we have had a holiday over the usual festive season.

Whether you have been ­affected personally by recent extreme weather events or the worst fires in living memory, every one of us has been ­affected emotionally by the loss of life, the destruction of places we love and the devastating loss of animals and ­biodiversity.

Tamara Smith MP Calls for Climate Change Truce

When Tamara Smith talks about a ‘gracious U-turn’, Byron readers might be surprised to learn she isn’t referring to drivers waiting patiently on Jonson Street outside the Mercato shopping centre.

The Greens state member for Ballina wants mainstream society to give conservatives on climate change another chance.

Greens call for Parliament to return early

Homelessness getting worse in Byron Shire, say frontline workers

Media Release: The Greens call on the Premier to remove shark nets immediately

Save the Mitchell's Rainforest Snail

Please help me save the Mitchell's Rainforest snail and its primary habitat!

The critically endangered species, the Mitchell's Rainforest snail could be fatally impacted by the Butler Street Bypass in Byron Bay.

We are in an extinction crisis and have a responsibility to do everything we can to protect our biodiversity.

If you are as concerned about this as I am, please join me in writing to the Minister to voice your concerns.

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