Member for Ballina urges a ‘watch and see’ approach to smart-drumlines on the North Coast

NSW Greens Spokesperson for Marine Environment and Fisheries and Member for Ballina Tamara Smith will be holding Premier Mike Baird and Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair to their word, that the trial of smart drumlines in Ballina will be transparent and guided by science.

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MP for Ballina encourages swift implementation of non-lethal shark deterrents

"My thoughts are with Sam Morgan and his family and I am sure the whole community wishes him a speedy recovery. 

The North Coast community has shown overwhelming support for the implementation of non-lethal shark barriers and deterrents. The Government has responded to our calls and I would like to see those technologies implemented as soon as possible in the Ballina region.

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Shark response welcomed

NSW Greens Spokesperson on Marine Environment and Fisheries and Member for Ballina Tamara Smith has welcomed the Government's announcement of $16 million for shark research, surveillance, public awareness and trials of non-lethal deterrent technologies. 

 “The Government has recognised that killing sharks with more nets is not the answer. The focus on surveillance, education, research and trials of non-lethal deterrents is the right one and I'm glad to see the North Coast will be the focus of some of the technology trials,” Ms Smith said.

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Ballina’s Marine Rescue Tower given the green light

Greens Member for Ballina Tamara Smith MP is pleased to announce she has successfully negotiated with the Government to deliver a new Marine Rescue Tower in Ballina. 

“It is with a strong sense of gratitude and a deep respect for the tireless commitment of Ballina’s Marine Rescue Volunteers that I proudly announce that the funding for the construction of the new Marine Tower has been secured,” Member for Ballina Tamara Smith said.

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Greens welcome PEL 445 buyback as the ‘first step’ to a coal seam gas free Northern Rivers

NSW Greens Member for Ballina Tamara Smith and NSW Greens Mining Spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham today welcomed the NSW Government’s announcement they have bought back PEL 445, but have also called on them to provide certainty around the other active PELS in the region.

“The deafening roar from the community is being heard, and the buyback of PEL 445 is an important first step in stopping coal seam gas in the Northern Rivers,” Greens Member for Ballina Tamara Smith said.

 “The Greens have always stood with the community in their fight to protect the Northern Rivers from coal seam gas, and will continue to hold the Government to account,” Ms Smith said.

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Government closes the door on Northern Rivers PEL buy-backs

NSW Greens Member for Ballina Tamara Smith has slammed the Liberal National Government for closing the petroleum exploration licence buyback scheme without closing a deal for a CSG free Northern Rivers. 

Today's announcement comes despite the Member for Lismore Thomas George promising PEL 445 would be bought back in the dying days before the election.

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North Coast should be part of Shark Summit Trials

Greens Spokesperson on Marine Environment and Fisheries and Member for Ballina Tamara Smith has called on the Government to hold some of the trials into non-lethal shark deterrent technologies in Ballina.

A range of non-lethal technologies will be discussed at an International Shark Summit in Sydney on Tuesday this week.

Ms Smith said, “Ballina is on the front line of a new approach to sharks, an approach that recognises conservation of these important creatures has to go hand in hand with protecting ocean users.

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Member for Ballina calls on the Premier to act to save the Ballina Marine Tower

NSW Greens Member for Ballina Tamara Smith has asked NSW Premier Mike Baird to deliver the shortfall in funding needed to start construction on a new Marine Rescue Tower.

“I had a very encouraging conversation with Premier Baird late yesterday. He is extremely sympathetic to the great work of our marine rescue and our desperate need for the new tower to be built,” Ms Smith said.

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Restore NSW Marine Sanctuaries: Greens

Greens Marine Environment and Fisheries Spokesperson and Member for Ballina Tamara Smith has called on the Baird Government to show leadership and abandon plans to revoke marine sanctuary protections across 10 sites in NSW to allow shore-based fishing.

The Baird Government yesterday launched a community consultation into plans to permanently remove sanctuary protections from 10 beaches and headlands in four of the state’s marine parks including two sites in the Cape Byron Marine Park in the Ballina electorate.

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Ballina MP to sit on Parliamentary Shark Inquiry

Greens Spokesperson on Marine Environment and Fisheries and Member for Ballina Tamara Smith will be a member of a Parliamentary Inquiry into the Management of Sharks in NSW Waters.

The Parliament’s multi-party Committee on Investment, Industry and Regional Development, of which Tamara is a member, has initiated the Inquiry.

Ms Smith said, “This will be an important inquiry to assess the current shark management programs in NSW and compare that with experiences in other jurisdictions.  

“I hope to come out of this inquiry with a strong, evidence based list of recommendations to Government about the best way to keep people safe and also ensure we preserve healthy and biodiverse oceans.

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