Northern Rivers Rail Trail


Imagine a solar powered train and a walk/cycle path next to it, running from Byron Bay to Ewingsdale. Imagine that this is the first stage of a much longer rail trail, where walkers and cyclists can share the rail corridor, avoiding car traffic.

Tamara Smith today announced she will work with the Northern Rivers Rail Trail Group to create the first stage of a rail trail from Byron Bay to Elements of Byron Resort. 

A solar train has been proposed to run on the train line for 3km between Byron Bay and Elements and the path next to it could be used for walking and a cycle path added. This would be a great start to seeing how well rail trails could run in the rest of the Northern Rivers region.

In future the 3km trail could be extended out to Ewingsdale.

Tamara Smith will travel to New Zealand to experience the Queenstown Trail and the Otago Central Rail Trail to find out more about the tourism and business opportunities.

For more, see MP's Grand Plan for Byron Bay rail trail - Ballina Shire Advocate 

See also video: Tamara Smith announces support for rail trail

See Tamara on the rail trails in New Zealand.

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