Policing on the Plateau

22 November 2017

Greens Member for Ballina Tamara Smith today praised the work of NSW Police who arrested a suspect for breaking and entering in Alstonville just hours after the offence was committed.


“There was a quick and thorough response from the police leading to the arrest of a suspect,” said Ms Smith.

A resident officer for Alstonville was selected on 4 October this year and he and his family will move in to the Alstonville residence attached to the police station on 21 January 2018. 

“I have spoken to Chief Superintendent Bill McKenna who says that Alstonville is as safe as any other community on the Plateau and in terms of reported crime, there is less than other areas. We are not seeing violent offences, instead there are periodic spikes in breaking and entering, youth offending and stealing from vehicles.”

 “Chief Superintendent McKenna assures me that whilst Alstonville has been down an officer, Ballina Police officers have been patrolling the Alstonville section day and night and have responded with a number of arrests to recent incidents.”

“Today I tabled the Alstonville community’s petition for more police in Parliament and I will continue to ensure that the community is properly supported to feel safe.”

 “It’s a shame that there are elected representatives in the area playing politics with this incredibly serious issue and scare mongering without getting the facts straight,” said Ms Smith.

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