Power to the people!

NSW Greens Member for Ballina Tamara Smith is thanking all who contributed to the campaign for a coal seam gas free Northern Rivers and has heralded today’s news as recognition of the region’s ‘people power’.

“The deal has been sealed and our community is finally being delivered the protection against invasive gas fields it has so loudly called for,” Ms Smith said.

“We saw unprecedented community opposition to the industrialisation of our region across all sectors of society- doctors, nurses, teachers, farmers and artists, all in unanimous refrain.”

“I too stood with the protectors at Bentley, Lock the Gate, Gasfield Free Northern Rivers, our Knitting Nannas and the tens of thousands in our community as we demanded an end to this toxic industry.” Ms Smith said.

“Following Bentley- the battle continued at the ballot box.

The March State Election on the North Coast was clearly a referendum on coal seam gas, and to all those who spoke with a green vote, you have been heard.”

“It is disappointing the future of our pristine environment has been on a precipice at the mercy of a mining company rather than being protected by Government legislation.

“But the power of our tight knit community propelled together by a common cause has prevailed and we’ve set a precedent for others challenging environmental threats in their own backyard,” Ms Smith said.

 “This is a watershed moment. 2015 will go down in history as the year we established a coal seam gas free Northern Rivers.”

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