Regional roads suffer while Sydney gets gold plated roads

Gold plated roads in the city means regions miss out

The NSW Nationals have abandoned rural voters, with announcements this week that just $50 million will be spent on fixing blackspots on rural roads this year, while a mind boggling $16.8 billion will be spent on Westconnex in Sydney, according to Greens MPs.

Jenny Leong, Member for Newtown said that: “City voters don’t even want Westconnex. Our office has been inundated with phone calls, emails and submissions opposing WestConnex and the extension to their airport,”

“We wish this exorbitant waste of money could be spent where it’s needed - saving lives on country roads.

“WestConnex is less than 40km of road but is costing an eye-watering $16.8 billion. What are they going to do, pave the road in gold?,” Ms Leong said.

In contrast, the Government announced recently it is spending just $50 million this year on road safety in rural areas.

Member for Ballina, Tamara Smith said, “It beggars belief that a Nationals Road Minister would spend more money on a kilometre of road in Sydney than on fixing blackspots in the regions.

“People are dying on our roads but The Nationals have funnelled billions into inner city roads, and abandoned the regions.

“Regional people represent a third of the population but nearly 70 per cent of the road toll according to government figures – isn’t it time the regions got the funding they need to reduce this horrendous imbalance?,” said Ms Smith.

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