Save West Byron

Hopefully you have had time to re-vamp your submission to Byron Shire Council opposing West Byron 2.0. 

Thankfully we have a 1 month extension of time to get our submissions in by 7th May 2020.

Everything you need to know to prepare your submission is below.

Even though we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic we are paying attention and this mega development for West Byron has no social or environmental license. 



Now is the time to make another submission on this Development Application OR make one for the first time. 

You can tweak your previous submission and email it to the address below with the same DA number OR write a fresh one using our template. In both cases please make sure that you write, "Objection to DA 10.2017.661.1" in the subject line.

Download our submission template here.

Please email your submission directly to Byron Shire Council at [email protected] (feel free to copy me in) or submit via the online form.

When making a submission please include some personalised information about why the development would impact you as a resident of Byron Shire or the Northern Rivers.

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