Suffolk Park second chance

Second chance for Suffolk Park community open space

Greens MP for Ballina, Tamara Smith, said today she had talked to Education Minister Adrian Piccoli about the land for sale at 60 Beech Drive Suffolk Park, one of the few community open spaces left in Suffolk Park.

“I spoke to Minister Piccoli about the community’s opposition to their recreational space being sold and he said he would consider an offer from Byron Council to buy the land.”

“I have also been in contact with Byron Shire Council, who will assess the land value based on community use and enter into discussions about a price, after Council passes a resolution on the matter.”

“I hope that the sale will be able to be resolved between Council and the NSW government as soon as possible for a reasonable amount, so that this recreational space can be retained as a community asset for the future, instead of being auctioned off to private buyers.”

 “I pay tribute to the many concerned residents, in particular the Suffolk Park Progress Association, who contacted me in an effort to get this resolved for the benefit of the Suffolk Park community,” said Ms Smith.



The residents held a protest on 16 November where they let the NSW Government know they did not want their park sold.




16 November 2016 Notice of Motion to NSW Legislative Assembly by Tamara Smith, MP for Ballina


That this House:
Recognises that the land for sale by the Department of Education and Communities at 60 Beech Drive, Suffolk Park is one of the few community open spaces left in Suffolk Park.
Notes that Byron Shire Council wants to purchase this land for the community at a cost that is appropriate for the current zoning of the land.
Acknowledges the work of the Suffolk Park Progress Association and the residents of Suffolk Park in raising this issue and speaking loud and clear on the need for this land to remain a green open space.


Read about the efforts by Byron Shire Council to retain this open space (Voice of Byron)

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