Water mining inquiry a smokescreen

Water Mining Meeting with Tamara Smith Member for Ballina

Media Release 22 November 2018

Member for Ballina Tamara Smith MP says the proposal by the NSW government to hold an inquiry into water mining in the Northern Rivers region is a pretense designed to fool residents into believing action is being taken.

“This inquiry is a smokescreen and it is very similar to what the Liberal National government did with Coal Seam Gas,” said Ms Smith.

 “The words of the LNP on this issue are eerily similar to when CSG and fracking was invading our region.

“Rather than acting immediately with the Minister’s powers to ban water mining in Ballina Shire, we get the promise of the Chief Scientist looking into it in some far off future and words of concern about current development applications instead of direct action.

“I have called for the Minister on the floor of Parliament to ban water mining, I have met with residents who will be directly affected by a proposed water mine and who have made it clear they don’t want their water resources stripped and trucked out of the region. I have made a submission opposing a water mine development in my electorate and I gathered 276 other submissions opposing the water mine.

“I have taken action and I call on the NSW government to truly do the same – ban water mining in the Northern Rivers region by allowing local councils to prohibit it under their Local Environmental Plans,” said Ms Smith.

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