Water Mining in Alstonville: Public Submission

The Ballina Shire Councils has the development application for the proposed water mine in Alstonville on public exhibition until the 16th of November. 

We have prepared a template that you can submit through our website. 

To the General Manager,

I am writing to make a submission on application development numbered 2018/597.1. 

The proposed development is inappropriate for the following reasons:

  1. Extracting water for bottling is grossly irresponsible when our state is facing widespread drought. 
  2. The development has the potential to disrupt local farmers use of the water aquifer. 
  3. The manufacturing of bottled water is an environmentally harmful activity that contributes to further plastic waste. 
  4. The development will see an average of 6 57 tonne B-doubles using Ellis Rd per day, 7 days per week, will put increased pressure on the road and disturb the community. 
  5. The development brings no jobs or profit to our region. 
  6. The development faces widespread community opposition. 
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