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Do you want to #ProtectByron from  two West Byron mega developments?

Here is a handy 3 step submission guide:

1. Make a submission to Byron Shire Council before THURSDAY MARCH 29, 2018 about these two developments:

• Development Application #1 - Development Application: 10.2017.661.1 - Various Properties (Local Landholders) and
• Development Application #2 - Development Application: 10.2017.201.1 - Various Properties (Villaworld)

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Include a few lines about who you are, how you fit into the community (or interact with Byron Bay as a visitor), and your heartfelt thoughts and concerns around the development and it’s impact on Byron Bay.

3. If you require more information

Read a thorough breakdown at the Byron Residents Group website - www.byronresidentsgroup.org

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To the Byron Shire Council and Joint Regional Planning Panel

I value the area around West Byron and I want to protect it from over development. Here are my concerns about

• Development Application: 10.2017.661.1 - Various Properties (Local Landholders) and
• Development Application: 10.2017.201.1 - Various Properties (Villaworld):

The two proposed developments combined propose over 1,000 houses, which will potentially increase the population of Byron Bay & Suffolk Park by over 25%, placing an immense strain on Byron’s already inadequate infrastructure.

The development consultant states West Byron will generate over 14,000 vehicle trips per day on Ewingsdale Rd. This will almost double the current weekday traffic, dramatically affecting the efficiency and operation of Byron’s major inbound road - in contravention of clause 101 of State Environmental Planning Policy Infrastructure 2007.

Byron’s Koala population rely on scattered patches of suitable habitat south from the Brunswick River to Broken Head. West Byron has 5.5ha of scattered patches of core Koala habitat, of which 2ha (37%) is intended to be cleared. Severing of this vital corridor for movement from North to South will put more pressure on an already fragile Koala population.

The development site is a drained wetland that is flood affected. It is directly adjacent to the Belongil Creek and close to the estuary. Placing hard surfaces on it such as roads and slabs will decrease the capacity of the land to absorb water which has to find a way to drain, eventually, into Belongil Creek. Our wetlands are precious and must be protected.

The proposal is to fill most of the site to 0.5m above the assessed flood level, which requires fill up to 3m deep, intending to import some 500,000m3 of fill, which can be expected to weigh around a 1 million tonnes. This will also add to current traffic problems, and take a toll on current infrastructure.

The West Byron site is a low lying wetland that feeds directly into Belongil Creek, It currently has highly acidic soils, Acid Sulfate Soils, and a high water table with significant pollutants. The construction process will expose our waterways to toxic heavy-metal runoff, then we’ll be swimming, surfing & fishing in it.

There are 35ha of remnant native vegetation on the West Byron Urban Release Area of which 10.6 ha is proposed for clearing. Local landholders are proposing to clear 1.8ha of Environmental Zones, and have made no attempt to minimise intrusions or assess the areas affected.  Species Impact Statements must be prepared for the Wallum Sedge Frog and Koala and
these should be referred to the Commonwealth for consideration under the EPBC Act 1999.

Byron Bay is an internationally renowned tourist destination, most of our local businesses rely on tourist dollars to survive and thrive - increased traffic congestion, polluted waterways & a generic mega suburb at our entrance will damage our reputation as a unique holiday destination.

The decision-making about the approval for the West Byron Development was taken away from our local council. We don’t want the financial gain of wealthy developers to come at the cost of our way of life, we choose to live here because we love it.

Kind regards, 




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