Community opposed to West Byron

Community voices its opposition to West Byron

Almost one thousand Byron residents have voiced their opposition to the West Byron mega-development in a survey by Greens Member for Ballina Tamara Smith.

“Local residents have demonstrated time and again their opposition to the West Byron Mega Development, and after consulting with the local community we have received almost 1,000 responses rejecting the development,” said Ms Smith.

“The Premier’s visit last week demonstrated that she was powerless in the face of developer interests, arriving in a limousine and ignoring the local residents who had gathered to voice their concerns.”

“The State Government is unable to provide any firm promises on how the community will be protected from the over-development of West Byron.”

“In Parliament I have repeatedly called on the Government to recognise that this development is inappropriate for the region and to call a halt until a more appropriate proposal is made.

“I asked the Planning Minister in Question Time if he would act on the concerns of the community about the development proposal for West Byron and he blamed the former Labor government for identifying the site as a State significant project.

 “After having already revoked Local Council control over short-term holiday letting, the Government is now leaving us helpless in the face of a residential development that will destroy the character of our community.”

“This development will lock Byron into a perpetual spiral of short-term letting that our local infrastructure is not prepared for.”

“If the Government is serious about protecting our community then they should empower local communities in the decision making process, and return to consultation with the local council for the West Byron Mega-Development.

“I’m proud to be in a party that stands for retaining the integrity and health of communities in tourism destinations. The Greens are standing by the residents of Byron Bay and join them in rejecting this massive over-development.”

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