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Local communities are encouraged to have their say before January 20 to help shape a Federal Government program on developing technology solutions for rollout across Australia.

Communities of all sizes will be able to apply for funding under the program. The Federal Government looking for digital and data solutions which solve everyday urban problems and have the potential to be scaled up and delivered Australia-wide.


15 December 2016

Greens Education spokesperson Tamara Smith, MP, is asking what is happening to teachers in the workplace after concerns were raised in the NSW Auditor-General’s latest report.

“The report shows a massive increase in workers’ compensation claims, particularly psychological injuries.  What is happening to our teachers and other education staff? The onus is on the Department of Education and Communities to address this systemic issue,” said Ms Smith.

The total number of claims relating to psychological injuries has increased by 32.5 per cent, from 467 in 2014–15 to 619 in 2015–16.


13 December 2016

Greens Member for Ballina Tamara Smith today welcomed the announcement of $300,000 total grant funding for 18 projects in her electorate as part of the NSW Government’s 2016 Community Building Partnership (CBP) program.

The NSW Government has committed funds to new community infrastructure projects that will enhance much needed local facilities.

 “I am pleased to receive this funding for the wonderful projects going on in our community. The funding will help create more vibrant and inclusive communities and deliver positive social, environmental and recreational outcomes,” said Ms Smith.


Media Release
6 December 2016


Greens education spokesperson Tamara Smith has today condemned Labor’s views announced in the Sydney Morning Herald that over-funded private schools should have their funding maintained at the expense of disadvantaged public schools.

“Labor is no longer interested in supporting everyday Australians whose children go to Public Schools, instead they are committed to continuing to give limited public money to the wealthiest private schools.” Said Ms Smith

“The main concept of Gonski school funding is to lift the performance of disadvantaged students,” said Tamara Smith. 


Greens MP for Ballina Tamara Smith has welcomed the announcement by Byron Shire Council that it will purchase the Beech Road education land in Suffolk Park, retaining it in community ownership.

"This is a victory for the Suffolk Park community and another example of people power that we as a community in the Northern Rivers area are world renowned for," said Ms Smith.

"What a cost, though, to our already stretched local council and thus a cost to our community. When you consider that the space had historically been planned to be used for a school why should the community have had to pay $900,000 to buy the land to keep it as social capital?”

"This is a government that has made more than $16 Billion from privatising our inter-generational resources. Forcing a community to buy land that has already been earmarked for the community is not exactly largesse. "

“Thank goodness for the willingness of our community to stand up loud and proud for what is right,” said Ms Smith.



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