No to West Byron

Sign a petition saying NO to West Byron on the two mega developments proposed for West Byron.

Save Ballina's koalas

Ballina's koala population has been dwindling for years - that was before the NSW Government decided to build a highway through prime koala habitat. Tree felling has commenced at Meerschaum Vale and the effects on Ballina's koalas could be devasting.

Join our call to save Ballina's koalas. 

Give local councils a say in short term holiday letting

Our community and local councils want to be able to rein in short term holiday letting platforms and put reasonable limits in place.

Sign the petition to give local control for holiday letting


We need an ambulance for Alstonville

The Alstonville - Wollongbar communities need the security of having an ambulance service that will be able to respond quickly to medical emergencies.

Sign a petition asking for an ambulance station for Alstonville - Wollongbar

Ban fracking in NSW

The Victorian government has banned fracking – let’s do the same in New South Wales.
Sign our petition to call on the NSW government to do the same for our communities and our farmers.Help the Greens put pressure on the NSW Government to ban the dangerous practice of coal seam gas fracking.

Sign our petition to ban fracking in NSW now.

Ban the Bag NSW

The Greens have brought legislation to the NSW Parliament to ban single-use light-weight plastic shopping bags in NSW. We can join South Australia, Tasmania and the Territories and Ban the Bag! Find out more about banning single use plastic bags here.


Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is an opportunity for us all to look at how we use disposable plastics in our everyday lives - and whether we can cut down on it. Why not take up the challenge this July: can I do one thing to reduce my consumption of single use plastics?

Richmond River Project Group

I am supporting OzFish to bring together local community groups, councils, scientists and concerned individuals to develop a plan to restore this vital environmental asset to full health. Become a member of the OzFish Richmond River Chapter 

Save our SanctuariesTurtle_source_unknown.jpg

In 2013 the NSW Government removed sanctuary protections from 30 beaches and headlands across the NSW coast.  The Greens are supporting calls for full sanctuary protections to be restored. Find out more about how to Save our Marine Sanctuaries

Clean up NSW Politics

We need to reduce the influence of big money and vested interests, and give NSW a political system that protects our communities and environment. Sign the Clean Up NSW Politics Petition.