Shark Attack Pack to be introduced

Greens Member for Ballina Tamara Smith is welcoming the introduction of Shark Attack Packs at Wategos Beach, Byron Bay.

The Acute Shark Attack Pack is a medical kit developed as part of a shark spotting study at Wategos Beach which is supported by local MP Tamara Smith, Byron Shire Council and Sea Shepherd Australia.

The packs are designed to help save lives at beaches which have been known to have shark sightings, particularly at remote beaches where medical assistance might take longer to arrive.

 “Sea Shepherd Australia and representatives from Shark Spotters have recommended the introduction of medical kits at beaches with shark sightings, so I am very happy to support the Acute Shark Attack Pack, together with Byron Shire Council,” said Ms Smith.

“These packs include medical shears able to cut through a wet suit, emergency blankets, trauma bandages and tourniquets to stop blood loss. I hope there will be no more shark attacks on our beaches but if one does occur, a medical kit like this could save a life.”

The packs can be left at beaches and come with pictorial instructions.

The Acute Shark Attack Pack will be on hand during a shark spotting trial at Wategos Beach that will take place later this year, and will then be provided to the community as the first dedicated Shark Attack Pack for the region.

Sea Shepherd will be looking at options to include a medical training session as part of the hand over of the shark attack pack.

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