Steve Posselt acknowledged in Parliament

7 March 2017

The NSW Legislative Council has today passed a motion acknowledging the achievement of local adventurer Steve Posselt and his 1,330km kayak journey down the NSW coast raising awareness of the urgent climate emergency.

Steve set off from Ballina in Northern NSW in his kayak on New Year's Day and completed his journey by handing over a petition with nearly 20,000 signatures calling on political leaders to acknowledge and act on the climate emergency in Canberra on 27 February.

Greens Member for Ballina Tamara Smith said, “Congratulations to Ballina local Steve Posselt on his epic journey and its impact on raising community understanding of the need for urgent action to curb global warming.

“Steve's kayak trip has inspired and informed communities from Ballina and Moruya and political leaders in the halls of Canberra,” she said.

Greens MP Justin Field said, “the impacts of climate change are not off in the future, they are being felt right now. Steve has led in the way in showing every one of us can and should play a part in addressing the challenges of global warming and moving to a renewable-powered economy.

“The decisions being made now will determine whether we have a safe and stable climate for current and future generations,” he said.


Motion passed by NSW Legislative Council
7 March 2017

Steve Posselt kayak - climate emergency acknowledgment 
1) That this House notes that on the first of January this year climate activist and adventurer Steve Posselt began a 1,330 kilometre kayak journey down the NSW coast from Ballina to Moruya and is today pulling his kayak inland to Canberra where later this week he will call on the Federal Government to declare a climate emergency and take urgent action to address climate change.

2) That this House notes Steve Posselt’s efforts to raise public awareness of the risks from failing to address climate change.

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