Four koala deaths in four weeks

Media Release
31 January 2018

Four koala deaths in four weeks at Meerschaum Vale


Photo: A sick koala and its offspring take refuge on fallen trees at Meerschaum vale - credit: Suzanne Whiteman

Greens Member for Ballina, Tamara Smith, has seen evidence that four koalas have died in the past four weeks at Meerschaum Vale, near the construction of the Pacific Highway upgrade.

“I am saddened and appalled at the loss of Ballina’s koalas, not through disease but as a result of traffic and the disruption caused by highway construction,” said Ms Smith.

“One koala was run over by a vehicle near the Eaton’s Quarry site, one died as a result of not being able to find enough food near the Thurgates Lane site, a joey died after its mother went missing by Wardell Rd and another died after wandering onto farmland where koalas have not been seen for 20 years.

“These koalas have been displaced by the cutting down of habitat at Meerschaum Vale, they have become disorientated by removal of food trees and distressed by increased vehicle noise, dust, rock blasting and heavy vibration rollers.

“I am calling on the NSW government to establish a monitoring programme to ensure that Ballina’s koalas are located, tracked and given health checks. I also call on them to increased funding for local wildlife rescue services.

“This already vulnerable koala population will not be able to withstand the current rate of one death per week.

“The government needs to take action now to save the local population of our national icon,” said Ms Smith.


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